Java Applets

The first applets to discover are the Demo Applets. If you have installed the JDK, they can be found in demo/applets. Note that the JDK 7 distributes the demos in a separate package. Alphabetically, we can start with Animator example 1. If you want to run it natively instead of in a browser for now, ... Read more »

Java Malware

Quequero recently reverse-engineered RootSmart Android Malware which explains a facet of Android malware.

Dinesh Shetty walks through reverse-engineering a piece of Android malware in Demystifying Android Malware.

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Reverse Engineering Java

Please check out the reverse-engineering tag.

JD-GUI is the best decompiler. It's easy to use and works well.

JAD Java Decompiler is no longer under development.

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