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While most of this site is about exploiting Java, remember that exploiting Java sometimes requires advanced knowledge of Java. Let's take a quick look at a snippet of code.

class j4vaThrow

	void printJohn()
		String name = "Peter";
		String age = "48";

		String description = name + " is " + age + " years old.";
		System.out.println("result:" + description);
		throw new RuntimeException("It was a bad idea.");		

	// public 

	public static void main(String [] args)
			j4vaThrow a = new j4vaThrow();


Runtime Exceptions have a specific use. Unlike normal exceptions, Runtime Exceptions don't need to be caught. Looking the documentation, we can see that NullPointerException is a subclass of RuntimeException. That means that if you set a variable to null and then call a method, you get a NullPointerException and the compiler won't complain about it. Why do we care about this? There's a great article here about Java Anti-Patterns.