Java 0-day Vulnerability 2

Another Java 0-day vulnerability. It's being exploited in the wild. Just like last time. Repeat after me, turn off Java in all your browsers. If you're looking for the weaponized exploit, it is available for download here: Java malware. Read more »

Java CVEs

The main list of CVEs for Java can be found at CVE Details. Some have ended up under Oracle instead of Sun.

If you use Java on a server or on a mobile phone, there are different vulnerabilities. JBoss and Oracle Application Server are two of the most popular J2EE setups. Read more »

Java File.delete

Here we have another easy Java tutorial. You want to delete a file. Easy, right?
 import; class j4vaDelete { void deleteJohn() { String filename="john.txt"; File file = new File(filename); if(file.exists()){ file.delete(); } } // public public static void main(String [] args) { j4vaDelete a = new j4vaDelete(); a.deleteJohn(); } } 

Well, it never is just that ... Read more »